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Seneca Lake

 Great place in the summer...only caught one huge trout..lots of blue gill and small bass...lots of wildlife.. Says Jerald

Great place in the summer...only caught one huge trout..lots of blue gill and small bass...lots of wildlife.. Says Jerald

So many RV sites with hookups. So many campgrounds, private. It needs a good clean up but the business and lake are owned by the San Carlos Indian tribe so it would be up to them to take charge over this matter.
    This is still a place I love to come and spend 3 nights in my rv and enjoy the beautiful magic. The boat ramp could use a makeover. We go out on our boat. We catch & release. But if I were to get a big trout, I WOULD KEEP IT. I have
fished a lot there and only caught bluegill & catfish. Yes, it is sad to see the abuse and no upkeep on this awesome lake area Says Cathy

This lake belongs to the ST CARLOS tribe. I feel like you do. They have trouble with there younger generation just as we do. But I'm so thankful for the use. After buying permit take the dirt road going to the back and you will be inspired to have a life on this earth. I love everything about SENECA, over grown tall
    grass, old buildings, no power. Except the graffiti. THIS IS REAL CAMPING!!!!If you can't handle it you have plenty of camping that gives you the comfort of camping in your back yard-in the city with lots of loud drunk people. Yes
 they have plenty of bears. Says JIM

My husband & I just got back from there, we were checking campgrounds to see where we can go camping this summer. Yes,i agree it is sad to see such beauty littered & graffiti all over the premises. Wish that we could do something to rectify this problem. It's such a privilege that has been given to us to take care of this earth and all its beauty. Says Rosaura Zeiler

Drove past lake on the way to Show low not
knowing it was there. All we saw was an old trading post and some buildings. We decided to see what the buildings were and stumbled upon the lake. It looks like a great lake to fish. There were many group and individual camping sites but while driving around the lake I got this feeling like we were in the beginning of a horror movie. With the dilapidated gas station, restaurant, and cabins. Says Michael Gawley

Was at seneca this weekend 05/22,23/09 fishing was good caught trout and bass. The bathrooms are pretty much trashed your better off finding a big bush to use. Use precautions when camping a bear was sited in the camp next to ours. Says Lou

I'm planning on going up There and take some pictures this weekend. I used to fish for trout here years ago. Says Erik Avent

We were just there this weekend and it was amazing. It is sad to see what has happened and how run down and damaged everything is. The camp ground is huge! Would love to stay there, just not sure who to contact in doing so! Says Trisha Reid

We have driven past this lake time and time again and today we just had to stop and see what was there. we were amazed at the beauty and sadened by the damage that was done to such a beutiful lodge and cabins. why hasnt anyone restored this back to its original beauty? I would love to build this back to its original form and offer such charming experience back to the public. This could be such a thriving lodge and camp grounds. I would love the chance! Thank you. Says Victor Caratachea

needs alot of work, no working bathrooms, obscene writings everywhere. It's a shame because the lake was pretty and quite. we saw two deers while we were there. Says Linda Petty

What a waste - John

What a waste - John

What a waste - John


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